EU Store Closure

Important notice

We are getting in touch to inform you that the store at will be closed from Friday, 16th June 2017. After this date you will no longer be able to purchase content from the 7digital EU store or access purchased content from your 7digital EU account or your music locker. This does not affect 7digital stores in Europe. These are listed at the bottom of the homepage, for example 7digital UK, Ireland, Germany, France. If you reside in one of the countries in that list, you can continue to purchase from 7digital with your existing account by selecting your country of residence. To make sure you can continue to listen music you have purchased from the 7digital EU store, please download all your music from your locker before Friday, 16th June 2017 either to your device or via a third party file manager. After this date, any music purchased by you but not downloaded will no longer be available and is non-refundable, subject to 7digital’s standard refund policy. For more information on how to download music or to manage your account with 7digital EU please see FAQ questions below.

What will happen to my account once the 7digital EU store is closed?

Your 7digital account will remain active but any content you have purchased from the 7digital EU store will be removed from your locker and you will no longer be able to access those music files.

What will happen to my music after the 7digital EU store is closed?

Music purchased from the 7digital EU store will no longer be available from 16th June 2017 unless you have downloaded the music to your device before this date, so please download all your music before the store shuts down.

How do I download my music?

You must download your music from your 7digital locker to still be able to listen to your purchases. Please see ‘How do I download my music?’

How do I close my account with 7digital EU?

Please contact our customer services to ask for your account to be shut down. Please make sure you have downloaded all your music before your account is shut down to ensure you can continue to listen to your purchased music.

Can I get a refund from 7digital EU if I don’t download my music before the store closes?

Our standard refund policy applies. Refunds will be given to customers who reside in the EU and have made an online purchase from us and cancel their order without any reason within the fourteen (14) days from the date you receive your Email Confirmation of your purchase. If you redeem/consume/use the content or services (e.g. start downloading files or streaming music) within the 14 days of purchase, you will no longer have the right to cancel your order. For further information as to how to cancel an order please see

Can I purchase music from other 7digital stores?

You will only be able to purchase music from other online 7digital stores if you are located (i.e. reside) in the country that store corresponds to and you have a registered credit card matching the store location you are trying to purchase from.

There is no 7digital store that corresponds to my current location, where can I shop?

Unfortunately, at present 7digital doesn't have any plans to launch a new store in your region.

What if I have an unused voucher code?

All voucher codes will expire when the EU store at shuts down. We'd recommend using the voucher before then.

Should you have any further questions as to the closure of the 7digital EU store please contact our Customer Services team.

Mai 2017